My list of Ludovico Einaudi music! Simply beautiful.

It's been a long time since I've posted anything meaningful and resourceful to this world, so here goes another attempt into helping you rediscover yourself through some extremely beautiful music! 🙂

I think the first song of his which I heard was back in my 12th, called Nuvole Bianche - Ludovico Piano. It was a complete accident that I stumbled upon it and thank god I did. It's one of those songs that you hear once in your lifetime which completely enlightens you and changes your perception towards music and life in general.

Since then, I started playing the piano (just fingering :p nothing professional) and eventually heard a lot more of piano. So, here goes my list of tracks of einaudi which not only inspired me but also made me cry my heart out when I had no words. 🙂

NOTE: Its really advisable to listen to these pieces in your own personal space with some peace around you. For instance, if you are trying to appreciate this beauty while stuck in traffic or under the scorching sun trying to burn down the whole of chennai, then you will simply ruin it for yourself and heir commander Ludocivo :p

5. Nuvole Bianche

Which means "White Clouds" in Italian. A typical ludovico piece, starts out extremely slowly with a few gentle touches and chords. 1 minute into the song, you realise he is trying to tell you a story, a slow, melodious one, another minute in, you realise he has roped you into his thoughts in with the continuous flow of melody. Though, it is named as "White clouds", I picture a sweet child asking questions, its probably becase the video has her picture and my psychology influenced my thoughts but ah well .. lets not kill it with logic shall we!

4. I giorni

Which means 'The Days' is another piece, the first time I heard it I reminded me of laughs and memories with my friends. And why shouldn't I be surprised? It's got a very subtle vibe to it and if you look at the video you would be surprised how involved the audience is, almost as if they were shy to shed a drop from their eye!

3. Divenire

Which means 'Divine', is one such piece that definitely lives upto its name and expectations. There is no better word for this piece. Divine. The way the whole orchestra builds up for the first 1:47 minutes is really gripping and leaves you awestruck after how all the tension is released in the next segement. (This track was also used by UN in one of their commercials).

2. Experience

(26:15 - 33:18) I suppose, this piece requires a more technical understanding of music to appreciate it. For me, the way it sustains such a great tune with a few minute changes and the set of instruments which really come in together is really amazing. If you listen closely, every instrument just adds to its persona! And ofcourse, the motivation is tremendous, it sounds as if someone you love left you heartbroken and you try desperately want to get them back. Coincidently, this composition was used for something very similar! Ahh.. the power of music ..

1. Waterways

(6:00 - 12:50) I was surprised I didn't hear this before and no one had mentioned it in his best works. It's been only a week since I discovered this piece, an absolute beauty this is. I can literally feel my blood rushing all over my body with excitement. Every time I'm down, doing something worthless (like watching movies or playing games all day long), I listen to this ... and you realise how minuscule all this is (expect the girl you love :)) ... there are people in people in space right now!  There are other galaxies with life out there!  There are so many things to learn and do with your life..  and here I am..

PS: I was listening to each of these pieces while trying to write a description. Do the same and tell me what you think! 🙂

TIL: Synchronization of clocks with Light in a medium is the same

Well, I thought I landed up with some good idea this time. Sadly, nothing new and this is resolved very easily. In Special Theory of Relativity, we have the postutate about the speed of light being the maximum speed of transmission. Now, with this postutate and a few other postulates about measurement of position,time and c being same in all interntial frames, we can get nice results. One of them being the Invariance equation.

Question: Now what would happen if I use a similar signal in a medium? We know the "effective velocity" of light that we observe in a medium is v < c. (If this wasn't the case, then when it exists the medium it would be v  data-recalc-dims= c" /> which isn't possible.Does it imply I can make measurements only using this upper bound of velocity on the medium?

Answer: It's fairly straight forward. There are two ways of looking at it this. Either, I can remove the medium entirely and make the measurements of events the same as in vacuum and then replace the medium back. This is more of a frame by frame approach. If you want a more convincing answer then you could argue that, we send signals of light even before any interaction with the molecules of the medium. We consider such a scale and hence in that scale, it is effectively the same concepts of SPR we use. We can extend this throughout the whole of the medium as this through bits.

Had this doubt while reading GR.


TIL: The fancy colours that you see in Movies around Nuclear reactor is due to Cherenkov Radiation.

Nuclear Reactor

Nuclear Reactor

So today, an interesting question was raised in my Optics lecture.We know that v < c velocity of light in medium is less than c. Therefore, we can move in an inertial frame where the photon has no velocity. Hence it would be possible to compute the rest mass of a photon. (Which is obviously not true, as photon has no mass.) Where are we going wrong? Further, adding to the confusion, we have cherenkov radiation which says that a charged particle traveling at a speed greater than the "phase velocity" photon emits electromagnetic radiation which gives rise to the blue color in the above picture. Answer: Thanks to a senior of mine. He was able to give me an outline of what is the reason. It is often misunderstood that velocity of light changes in the medium. But in effect, this isn't true. The velocity of light is and always will be c in any medium. Just that, when the photon enters the medium, the dielectric of the medium absorbs the light and emits another photon. If the medium is a crystal, due to its isotropic nature, the absorption and emission of light is more systematic and the effective velocity due to the time delays between this process gives a "net" reduction of velocity of light. This is an outline of what happens but a clear understanding can be got by looking more into the quantum mechanical aspects of refraction.   Kudos!


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