Epic battle started off with a small issue.All i said was i'll bring the certificates some oher day and not day.And now this has turned out to be a mini world war.My mom's conclusion from all this is that.I'm the world's worst child and most from where it goes to where...

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The good old days..

It's very funny to realise how things are..We all shared a common nest and now are in our own paths.Hoping that things change in future,at least in 5 years.The word hard work was probably the most hated word for those 2 years.But now that im being reminded of it almost everyday and it is something that is driving me in sane.Probably god is testing me,probably its just an illusion too difficult. I still bear the guilt of doing nothing.And thd guilt of probably making the wrong decision.But one thing is for certain,the art of music and creativity which i posses at the moment would certainly have deprived if i had chosen the normal path.Lets see  what the world has to offer..

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A piano composition dedicated to my friends.


The video contains pictures indicating various stages our friendship and also the video reveals a few hidden feelings of mine.I composed this song yesterday night at around 11:00 PM when the air is quite and ripe for expressing emotions through music.

It’s dedicated to all my friends especially Hari Krishnan,Vikram Katti,Novnit Kashyap,Sulakshan Sampath,Harish Rao,Varun Bezzam,Susheel M Lakshminarayanan,Sambit Sarkar.

Pachaiyappa’s students break bus glass!!

I was on the bus while those bitches were banging the bus like shit just to get down in the middle of the road.Nearly 15 people just came in and started banging like shit.I pity how dumb witted they can be.May they rest in peace and sense.

I managed to take a snap.The poor conductor who was on the bus will be made to pay for all those damage.PLEASE people..understand what others should go through for your so called “cool” act..Please..

Pachaiyappa's student's Bus Incident

A display of Crazy college students

First days of College.

It feels so different to be here..never had this kind of company.Reminds of the days i spend with my friends.Ingnoring almost every other part….even though the education at my college is pathetically bad..i could find a few positives in it.

Almost all the students here are from weak backgrounds.Im now proud of making friends with a weavers son..I get to understand things a lot better.

The very definition of life is what you will get to learn from a conversation with them.People in tux and coats will probably tell you about life,but that is child`s play when compared to them..The difference lies in the fact that they succeed at some point of time but others just keep try and trying and all they are left is with “experiences”.

The education which I was hoping to change at my school is probably something which i should be grateful about.My classmates had atleast that kind of exposure.Even though i’m still strictly against their modes of teaching.It’s the type of people at “Vivekananda College” who should get education of that kind and my classmates more of a higher and interesting errand.

The situation of students’s like my friends is so pathetic which makes me pity them.Sometimes i wonder if the states have any idea how bad it is.

All equations,theorams are blindly mugged up including the numericals.Really sad..even though i can’t explain this in words,music is be my best alternative.Where you can breach the limitations of writing with ease.

This is an account that I would like to remember in the future no matter how things turn out in the end.

All these remind me just one thing.Anyplace is a place to learn,you just have to identify from where.In my case it kind of obvious.