Hello World !

This is me! This is me!

My Name is Sai Krishna Deep.I’m 17 Years Old.I live in Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India.

I love science! Especially Physics and Math.I just love music especially piano music.I listen only to piano music nothing else,I don’t like Rock songs because they just shout on your face.I like any beautiful music.I love living on this amazing blue plant “Earth”.. ..Weird? Well If you relax and just think how many plants exist in our huge huge Universe,It is definitely to be lucky that I have come to this planet such great animals and beauty of Nature.

I’m fascinated by anything and everything about the life on earth.I believe in world peace.I totally disagree with the fact that human beings live and enjoy every bit of flavour that the nature can offer us.

I’m a vegetarian ofcourse..because I believe in peace and that all animals have a right to enjoy and live on this planet.

I always try to keep my brain working and thinking.I may not be great but i just like thinking and uncovering the mysteries of this world!

My Blog is mostly to keep track of things about my life and also to put my ideas to a needful world.My language isn’t that great,but who says that simple language isn’t as good as the complicated ones are.

Please bear with my language on my blog.I do tend to make a lot of grammatical mistakes :p

Peace out to all !