I just read some of the bullshit I wrote over the years on this blog. It’s funny and I wish to keep ‘em for personal entertainment when I’m bored. This blog will be used for personal archiving of thoughts and notes.

Its been a while since I wrote any resourceful on my blog. I guess I was busy absorbing the world in these cognitive years of youth. Shaping ideas of the world we live in and questioning the journey to make for the next 60 years. My experiences over the last 3 years have certainly been enlightening and have irrevocably changed my perspective. While I was once blinded by undesired emotions, ignorance, ego and pride. I realise the chains it imposes on being a free open mind and how disadvantageous a bad mental attitude can be. I can now confidently say that I am free of bias with an attitude to change the world.

As for the changes on the blog, I had been hosting wordpress on hostgator.com which was becoming quite costly. Over the past few years, I have picked up quite a bit of web technologies, for which I use digitalocean to meet my server requirements. I no longer wish to pay hostgator $11 every month for hosting a simple wordpress website! As a result, I’ve imported the wordpress blog into a jekyll statically generated site which primarly uses the much friendly markdown formatting along with html. Further, it can be easily hosted on Github pages for free with the bonus of easy version controlling with Git.