Are Ghosts Real ?


Are Ghosts real?

The first thing about ghosts is that they are considered as a supernatural after life spirit which i guess has been taken from some sci-fi book or a movie.

In the recent past,a better understanding of science has taken this definition just a bit further saying that it might be some form of negative energy or a virual presentation of the brain itself.

Let’s look at both these aspects.

Negative Energy

Well,negative engergy is just a theory in physics that seems to satisfy all the current equations but a few researchers did take the next step on negative energy and trying to prove it.Sadly,there does not exist a concerete or an accepted theory on that topic.

Energy on its own is just something from which a profitable use can be made,now deciding on whether this enery is negative(harmful) or poritive(useful) depends on how we look at it.If any object or a projection has to be seen it has to be in the form of Electromagnetic waves,namely visible light,which is positive energy and there is no way visible light is gonna become negative just for the ghosts!

If there is a depletion of energy in an area is what your considering as the definition of negative enegry,then this might only be due to fact that our brain interacts with the external environment,so this depletion in enery might in some way effect out brains but if that theory was true then it does have an even profound implication that there is continous exchange of energy between the brain and the external environment which might alter a few process of it.

We can give a proof for that by this simple example:

A family with fun and joyful is always going to be better than the one which is not.Some might argue on this by saying that it’s the brain that does it and it is possible to be just the way you want by concentration and focus.If that were the case,then there would be no difference in the situations and the energies in the families which is clearly a concetration.

But a point against this theory is that,some people are able to achieve great feats of spiritualy and concentraion (yogis) and isolate their mind completely from the external world.

These are 2 point of views on my behalf,any other can be put up by you on the comments.

Projection the Brain

In the previous topic we did discuss them both together,now lets just look at the brain.

The brain is capable of such realistic projections in a few states of mind,drug addicts project a sense of well-being into their surrounds and sometimes might hallucinate in the process.This region of the brain can equally have the potential to project stuff out of the ordinary,so this is a strong theory as well.

But the draw back in this theory is that not all are mentally weak in differentating the difference between reality and viruality.For ex,many people dreams are so realistic and well furnished that their dream almost seems to be reality and might also find it difficult for them to snap out of it.I beleive these kinds of weakness of the brain are well exposed in this case.Probably these cases are the best to study.

This is what I have thought of while studying,any other ideas can be posted here.I would definitely like to know them!