I expected today's journey to be as unadventurous as always but it turns out that i did have a good story to tell out of this one. So here i was with my mom, on a trip to Hyderabad to collect my original certificates from a college i applied for. The evening passed uneventfully.

Near Bardigunta: At around 22:43 when people were sound asleep. I heard a few men looking out and panicking. I assumed it was the usual drama that people liked thriving on. A bit later, the situation became rather serious when I noticed a thick grey cloud of smoke right next to my window. I called out to my mom and asked her to immediately evacuate the coach. As expected, she was quite shocked and started panicking like crazy.I wasn't worried about my luggage. I knew what my priorities were.BUT.. My mother's awesome priority setting skills were soon displayed when she said "EVERYONE IS TAKING THE LUGGAGE! LETS TAKE OUR BAGS TOO!" (we had 1 big suit case and a medium one along with 2 plastic covers). I tried convincing her that her life is more important than the luggage. I didn't argue much about it because a world war on a burning train would be the last thing i would want. As usual, she didn't heed my words and i ended up carrying them anyway.

To my surprise, there were 2 security personal on my coach S2 who arrived immediately. But as expected, the emergency situation wasn't handled well on the coach. There was one personal who directed to one end.And another who was directing us to the opposite end. So there i was.. Carrying big bags and moving around on a "burning train" back and forth.

When the engineers came to the spot they urged the passengers to stay on board. That is when the passengers started settling down back into their seats. I realized it wouldn't been such a big fire as expected. So i got down to see what the actual problem was.

There was fire on the tyre alright.As small as the evening lamp in the pooja room ("-_- ) . Nevertheless, they sprayed fire extinguishers on all the tyres. I overheard the engineers analyzing the problem and they concluded that the lubrication must have been set on fire by the friction. (I will upload the pictures later on.)

As soon as the problem was figured out, they made sure that the tyres were alright at 2 stations that immediately came.

With that, we were all back to bad like nothing ever happened. I regretted that i didn't have data pack because i wanted this article to be seen by press as soon as the incident happened. :P