The good old days..

It's very funny to realise how things are..We all shared a common nest and now are in our own paths.Hoping that things change in future,at least in 5 years.The word hard work was probably the most hated word for those 2 years.But now that im being reminded of it almost everyday and it is something that is driving me in sane.Probably god is testing me,probably its just an illusion too difficult. I still bear the guilt of doing nothing.And thd guilt of probably making the wrong decision.But one thing is for certain,the art of music and creativity which i posses at the moment would certainly have deprived if i had chosen the normal path.Lets see  what the world has to offer..

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What’s with the Scientist’s Poses?

I have a few pictures of freat personalities and scientists in my school reader which are really dumb and stupid if you look at them the normal way.

As soon as you see a pocture of a great scientist,we tend to forget eveyrthing and just admire their thinking and the mean while also forget how hilarious their poses in front of the camera.

Here are a few makeovers i did for a few pictures.Please don’t ask me why Stephen Hawking didn’t make it to the list :p


Joseph Henry

Joseph Henry

Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman

PS: I do respect scientists for their contribution but camera’s are not meant to show that your still thinking!…lol


It's getting hard to talk to my Friends..

True and Best Friends

Finding it hard to talk to my Friends..

For some reason which i starting to face problems while interacting with my friends.All of my friends are really good competitors and they are ready to do anything for for marks,basically very good competitors whatever involves marks,they try to be good at it.

Sadly I'm exactly opposite i'm not bothered about marks in fact i hate them because they are a very bad way to rate the abilities of a person.

Like in my previous articles "What's Wrong in Arguing ?" i keep arguing with them(trust me,they are far far interesting from marks!) but they are hardly bothered about it just because it about arguing!

Moreover when i try to share some of "My Phislophical Views" they are hardly botherd because i think i seem to be boring them.When i tell that competition is not the only thing they say "Your not being Practical!".How lame can that reason get ?

Have they ever seen the true beauty of the world and have they ever realized how lucky they were to live on such a beautiful planet and lucky to have all the comforts in life.Have they ever though of making the world a better make to live in rather than only think of JEE and Competition! If they did they wouldn't give such a dumb reason for that.

I wish i could really set their thinking right about how things should be working in the world and rather fall into the materialistic things that the humans have sadly created !