Destiny Awaits... (Original Piano Composition)

Hi guys!

This is the second composition which i decided to publish.I have made a few more but i'm just too lazy to record them.I apologize for the bad sound qualities.I happen to live right next to a main road.So you might hear some annoying honking! :p

This composition was as a result of thoughts of how the mankind destiny would be the in the years to come.With scientific breakthroughs every year, it isn't very difficult for humans to touch the stars!

A superior man from the generations ahead would one day write down in his diary: "Farewell Atlantis! A new destiny awaits mankind." He says this amidst the stars looking upon our mother earth in remorse.

Any suggestions in the music would be appreciated!

A piano composition dedicated to my friends.


The video contains pictures indicating various stages our friendship and also the video reveals a few hidden feelings of mine.I composed this song yesterday night at around 11:00 PM when the air is quite and ripe for expressing emotions through music.

It’s dedicated to all my friends especially Hari Krishnan,Vikram Katti,Novnit Kashyap,Sulakshan Sampath,Harish Rao,Varun Bezzam,Susheel M Lakshminarayanan,Sambit Sarkar.