My view on Child Prodigies.

In the 21st century,there are nearly 7.1 billion people walking on the phase of the earth, it is not a surprise to see tons of child prodigies being discovered everyday. A mere search on YouTube about child prodigies will give you a list of children (discovered so far) performing extra ordinary tasks in fields of music,science,literature and what not.For all we know, 1 million children could have gone undiscovered. Continue reading

On second thoughts...Are we fooling nature?

I was thinking.. is it really a big deal to achieve something? Clearing a college is certainly is not something big and a judgement of my life. Or perhaps it is. Maybe I'm just saying this because i cleared what i was hoping to clear. Had i failed to do so again would I write this post in the first place? It's like a loop-hole right? Strange...

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The jailed tree.


A tree is the best comparision to a human.Every notable aspect of a tree turns out to be a fascet of the misunderstandings of a human in life.

A tree starts of its early stages of life without any support and desperatelty awaits for the right season to announce its arrival.

As the human age progressed and civilized,the word "protection" and "care" took the gentleman firms for forcefully pushing the trees upright.The thing that people must realise is that everyone should be given a taste of life irrelevant whether its good or bad.At the end of day, you realise that you had learnt lot more of "LIFE" than any one else.

The mordern times seem to pertain us of this but i believe that if wisdom and experience has to be gained then its not during your 40s or 50s when you are busy filling your pockets,its from the very start of life.Ironically,people claim to be mpre experienced in terms of working years and i guess its people like them who will never repent for losing those tender years nor will they understand what life is about.

Look at the tree! It has so many branches,some going as far as a 3 storey building whereas some barely off the ground.

The point to be noted here is that, we should try all fields of our interest irrespect of what the future might be.By doing so, we wouldn't be disspointed of not trying something productive and creative rather than drink tea in an Air conditioned office.The working lads may not even take a minute to realise this but it takes an eternity for that single minute to come.For people like these its the death bed that becomes their playground because its during that time that all the distant thoughts get organised in their mind.And think something apart from hardwork,wealth and responsibilities.

Let the braches flourish,let them dispay their canopy of green without any restrictions because its from these tender buds that the whole world turns upside down.

If someone asks you how high you want to go,convince them the fact that tree has its own beauty and the sky is a mere reflection of beauty!

Cheers and have a lovely life!

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God's Reply.

God's Reply

God's Reply

God’s Reply

I see a neverland far beyond my reach
For i can only dream to see it…
Had I been there i would only be dreaming,
Comprehensions at this scale are beyond my level
If i did i would be expriencing it!

I see joy amidst,hoping i would soon,
But ridiculing it would be closet to reality.
I look up,wonder if he really exists but
it being no good resisted me from doing so,
Probably i don’t susbstantiate his gifts…

One last time i ask him to take in what i ask,
Credibly materialistic for once,
I wait for a few months,years…No reply
Only to realise my answer was nign.

I hear echos of soldiers,
Desperate crys in africa for survival,
Vultures diving every second into human habitations,
And say to myself,read it once more!

And soon realise that I have heard him!
Not a name,Not a figure,
Just a breeze of Energy within.
Lost in the distant thoughts,
I soon forget my neverland,still beyond my reach.

This time i thank him,rather ask,
For i with everything dream of neverlands,
They just wait and wait and end before they heed!
I hear you! I hear you! I’ll always hear you…
I’ll say to myself! I always will..

-C.Sai Krishna Deep.

This poem/short write up was an inspiration at the long queq at the Tirupathi waiting for 4 long hours.This had brought this out of me.A mixtures of most of my emotions and probably any other person who wanted to experience some hope when all of it is lost.I dedicate this to the person who i care for the most.

“Dreaming my Dreamland!” :P

My Dream World.

My Dream World - Dreams

My Dream World - Dreams

School in the open meadows with cats,dogs and goats.Teacher explaining physics and astronomy classes by pointing out to the beautiful night sky, explains the true meaning of Physics and it’s importance in nature.Math – A game of numbers, where students want homework just to keep their min engaged.Knowledge floating everywhere waiting for students to explore and use them first hand in chemistry.

Any person and every person you talk to knows something that you don’t and hesitation to exchange knowledge in the name of competition is never an excuse.

As the sun rises, teachers and students head to the wildlife to get a fresh taste if other forms of life on our beautiful Blue Planet called the Earth. Zebra’s running with their exotic stripes,students point out to the deers walking with grace and elegance and wondering if this is their true passion for the rest of their life.

During lunch time,students spare a chicken and value a life more than it’s flesh and actually apply the word “compassion” into the world rather than just learning it in the books.They share their food with chickens,birds,rabbits,dogs,cats with the same food as they eat.

Physicals activities: Students jump into the hot spring or a pond,with water splashing everywhere and those joyous, energetic smiles and laughs could probably never be forgotten and left behind.

As the sun sets, families get together where dad’s come back from the garden with veggies and mom cooks them with all the same pride as the bread winner of the family.A good family discussion over the lawn alongside with the snacks and the beautiful orange sun setting just a few miles away over the park.

A fun time indeed! No discussions are bound to any limit and spoken with everyone freely.Considering themselves no more respectable than a lion or no less respectable than a chicken.

As the night sets in,science and math fun leaning classes begin, where students just enjoy gaining knowledge without even thinking how to make a filthy profitable use out of it.Where the word “Marks” does not exist.”Competition” probably being the most funny joke in their history.

A satellite picture from the outlandish shows up a lush green and blue planet probably the green being as much as competitive as the blue.

People not being conscious about their beauty,glamour and just appreciate the fact that they are what they are and happy with it.True friends,who care for each other no matter what and teachers just synonymous with knowledge friends with high in wisdom.

In this world we will surely learn what experience is and the wise old man under the banyan tree may not always be right and is more than willing to allow young minds to question his wisdom and also lets their wisdom to equally flourish alongside with his.

No Ego,
No desires,
No Greed,
No Races,
No Status……Just life!

Probably our ancestors did not comprehend where all their advancement was taking them to or perhaps they just assumed it to be right for their race.But sadly,we have moved a bit too far to correct our mistakes and we’ll probably never change our dying Blue Planet called the “Earth”.

Well that’s why this is my Dream world…..