God's Reply.

God's Reply

God's Reply

God’s Reply

I see a neverland far beyond my reach
For i can only dream to see it…
Had I been there i would only be dreaming,
Comprehensions at this scale are beyond my level
If i did i would be expriencing it!

I see joy amidst,hoping i would soon,
But ridiculing it would be closet to reality.
I look up,wonder if he really exists but
it being no good resisted me from doing so,
Probably i don’t susbstantiate his gifts…

One last time i ask him to take in what i ask,
Credibly materialistic for once,
I wait for a few months,years…No reply
Only to realise my answer was nign.

I hear echos of soldiers,
Desperate crys in africa for survival,
Vultures diving every second into human habitations,
And say to myself,read it once more!

And soon realise that I have heard him!
Not a name,Not a figure,
Just a breeze of Energy within.
Lost in the distant thoughts,
I soon forget my neverland,still beyond my reach.

This time i thank him,rather ask,
For i with everything dream of neverlands,
They just wait and wait and end before they heed!
I hear you! I hear you! I’ll always hear you…
I’ll say to myself! I always will..

-C.Sai Krishna Deep.

This poem/short write up was an inspiration at the long queq at the Tirupathi waiting for 4 long hours.This had brought this out of me.A mixtures of most of my emotions and probably any other person who wanted to experience some hope when all of it is lost.I dedicate this to the person who i care for the most.

“Dreaming my Dreamland!” :P

The Worlds.

This is a beautiful poem by a friend of mine, M.S.Sri Hari

The Worlds

I walk not in one world , but in many
Which is true and which is phony?
Where is one’s end and the other’s inception?
Does the boundary exist, Or is it just an illusion?
I know not…or…Do I?

Sometimes one world seems true, another time another
Are everyone of them true or none are?
Should I ponder, Or should I not bother
On the existence of the worlds, Or does it even matter?
I know not…or…Do I?

Do I travel between the worlds or the words around me?
Do I go to the worlds, Or do they beckon to me?
Am I the same ,Or do I change with the world?
Or does the change in me change the world??
I know not…or…Do I?

Sometimes I yearn to be in one world, but have to be elsewhere
Do I end up where I want or have to, Or am I restrained to be somewhere?
I spend more time in one world and less time in another
Is it good or is it bad, Or does matter if loose many games and win a few?
I know not…or…Do I?

As I write this I began to wonder, does this make me insane or more sane?
Or am I as sane to others, as others to me the same?
Do only I have my worlds or others too, and do our worlds overlap?
As my mind begins to wander further, I say ” Ah crap”
” I know not”…or…Do I?

Please leave your comments about what you think the world is.