Facebook - En'sai'clopedia

Disclaimer: This is only meant foe entertainment purposes and isn't meant to hurt any sentiments.I'm an active Facebook user FYI.

Early Days:

Facebook is the most used social networking site.The name was given by its founder "Mr. Mark Zuckier... Whateva". At an early age he believed that faces are nothing but books which can be read and understood without any personal interaction.By the growing years, he was deprived attention and remained a geek so as to connect the whole world through faces and books.Realizing his dream at an early age of 21 became his foremost importance in life and probably for the whole world.It was rumored that during his college, he barely attended any class.(It is necessary to point out that he had diarrhea problems from a very young age of 5, so it is not to be confused with smartness) . He later on went on to launch "the-Facebook" thinking of it as more of a movie rather than a website.

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Ramayana - En'sai'clopedia


Ramayana (also pronounced as Ramyana) is derived from the Latin word "The search for truth",even though a few hypocrites feel that it has been derived from a common language in India called Sanskrit.It is important to note here that it is a hopeless language.


Ramayana is a tale of how "Grama" (also pronounced as Raama (especially in English)) is said to have happened way before we ever existed,long before the existence of paper,metallurgy.Yet they are always depicted with all those advancements in movies.Although there wasn't any proof that the writer was drunk, it has been established that a mummy in Egypt unearthed by "Zahi Hawas" which led to a ground breaking (literally) lead in his identification.It is believed that the letters "£

If it had been wine.Then it would been an entirely different life that the world would have seen.

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