Epic battle started off with a small issue.All i said was i'll bring the certificates some oher day and not day.And now this has turned out to be a mini world war.My mom's conclusion from all this is that.I'm the world's worst child and most from where it goes to where...

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Pachaiyappa’s students break bus glass!!

I was on the bus while those bitches were banging the bus like shit just to get down in the middle of the road.Nearly 15 people just came in and started banging like shit.I pity how dumb witted they can be.May they rest in peace and sense.

I managed to take a snap.The poor conductor who was on the bus will be made to pay for all those damage.PLEASE people..understand what others should go through for your so called “cool” act..Please..

Pachaiyappa's student's Bus Incident

A display of Crazy college students