Here I am...My Love

Here I am...My Love

I look at her for the first time.Something tells me she isn’t like others for some reason i can’t reason out the girlish behaviour of her. What is this…

Her eyes glaring with elegance and so charming that even the purest of stones would envy them.Nothing else can get close to her’s.It’s probably something out of the world, a foreign element from another planet. Perhaps, that is the most sane theory that someone can reason out!

She still re-collects those memories,just hoping they never had been the way they were.But soon realising that things cannot be changed.The world pushes her to comeback from the errand.I wish i could tell her,”Look at yourself! It’s he who made you strong! Be proud of him”.I’ll probably tell her at the most oppurtunite moment or never..It’s her will that decides it.I’ll wait for her,I’ll just wait for now…

The smile on her face is so infectious,Each and everytime i look at her,it brings back my memories with her,everything and anything about her zaps into my head and then i start off with the delirious smiling all of a sudden.That certainly is magic! I don’t know how but it always does.

I patiently wait everyday to talk to her.Not minding even if it took 12 hours just for a 15 minutes conversation because that will be something to cherish for in the coming weeks…

Sometimes i struggle to solve my problems all by myself.She just finds them to be simple problems and understands them with ease and gives a nimble reply! It’s the same thing other way round.Probably we are meant to be together or just a misconception on my side.Either way,for the first time i process the world “destiny” and “fate”,not really sure if it’s goning to be true.

I dream about her when I’m alone,her smiles,her expressions,her charm..It’s just too beautiful for me to resist.A very distant memory of her spurs an energy inside which gives me the strength to stand up and be patient for everything and anything.

She is so right! She is always right for some reason.She isn’t like the others..She is defintely different.

What is this? Is this Love ? If this is what it is.Then I’ll just wait for her to reciprocate my feelings for her,no matter how long,the only thing i fear would be the deficiency of character in me and I don’t wish to change myself for her to look at me.I wish she is always happy and joyful like the days i remember.

I wonder what is her energy is it someone else or me which gives her the energy.For if i had been in her place,I would have been broken and the world would just seem too bad.I wish for all the good and happiness in the world for here…She derderves it!

As far as I’m concerned,I’m just a friend of her and probably will remain like that for ever…

Here I am my love,Waiting for you in my fool’s paraside just waiting for you and nothing else other than you.I’m incomplete without you….. here I am!