A letter to my "Loved Ones"

A letter to my "Loved Ones"

I wish all this never happened.

Everyday every second has become a burden.I guess i have no place here and probably never will just because I’m not like my friends and brothers…

I wish i had been like others even if i regretted it. At least i don’t have to see my loved ones cry day and night for me…

Oh God,please help me.Please divert a little attention to my life and set all things right.People just talk and talk.. I just implement those and is there anything wrong is doing so ? I know not, but the way things work,i dunno how many talented people who are loosing their passion in the whole process.I’m not a genius,but it doesn’t mean that i have to be a genius to keep mine.

I beg you all.I have given false hopes to many around me.I can’t do anything but say sorry that I’ll still keep doing what i like to do.I may not be successful but at least i can be proud of what I’ve done.

Family you say? I have turned everyone into my enemies or is it just that I’m an enemy because i do what i like.

Do i become an idiot if i let loose my thoughts? Do i become a spoilt child if i let my emotions out through music.I have a clear answer to all this.But i wonder what it makes them think I’m wrong or ruining my life.

A little attention to things which i love to do would be fine.All i ask is some space,have a good chat apart from my weakness and for once my strengths…

I might never be here to witness those.But at least i want you to realise what it’s all about.

Let me play the piano.I don’t have to be Mozart to play it.Let me exercise my thoughts.I don’t have to be an Einstein to do it.Let me sketch my feelings, I don’t have to be Shakespeare to do it …. I just want to be myself.

Passion is probably a wrong word for you,for i’m not successful at anything at the moment,your not a genius at anything,you say? Let me at least die trying being one and foremost at least letting be myself.

I would love to hear you say that your proud of me.. that’s it….Did i ask a lot? A friendly talk would do it.Why a war over it ?? Please tell me .. I don’t have all my life worrying about you,even though i wouldn’t hesitate to.

Let me dance in the melody of music,in the warmth sun and the knowledge i wish to gain no matter where..

Just wait..Please i beg of you..Just wait.. I want to make you happy and proud of me for once.

Goodbye! And i hopefully will not ruin your lives again!

Thanking You
Yours lovingly,
Your Son