Even though my brother doesn’t speak out loud on this,I have come to this conclusion from a few conversations of his.It is evident from that,that he feels that life without partying,hanging out with friends and so on is the only way to have fun…and of course…dancing.Well,i don’t have any objection towards dancing but i just don’t find it fun and i also don’t treat it as something that only indecent people do,he feels that i don’t dance because i think myself as a gentleman,which is certainly wrong! I love listening to music and the music on the dance floor gets really noisy and it’s not exactly fun to dance at.I enjoy softer music and it deserves as much attention and respect as the so-called “cool” and noisy music.

I used to like rock music but i lost almost all interest in it after listening and playing to pure music.

I don’t think he understands me on that and ever will.

To me music is an art and is enjoyed in my own sweet way,rather than showing off your enjoyment.Actually,that is quite true,people without enjoying music just pretend to enjoy it and dance hard just to flirt with girls..I hope my brother doesn’t fall into that category!