I was thinking.. is it really a big deal to achieve something? Clearing a college is certainly is not something big and a judgement of my life. Or perhaps it is. Maybe I'm just saying this because i cleared what i was hoping to clear. Had i failed to do so again would I write this post in the first place? It's like a loop-hole right? Strange...

After i wrote the previous post, the thought of "Why write this in the first place?" occurred to me.Now let us compare with a hypothetical question.

If a person is very cheerful in life and is happy that success hasn't knocked his doors yet, then there would be 2 other kinds of people under this category. One, who believe that in the long run they would be rewarded.Two, they don't really care how life treats them in the long run.

The first kind of person is an optimist in his own way as he has faith in him and also hope.The two most important qualities. But what if he isn't rewarded throughout his life time. What would his thoughts on a deathbed be? Would he curse himself for having hope? What would you say? The first thought that would occur to a person in such a condition is that he/she starts cursing himself for having such false hopes/faith. A simple answer to this is to understand that, the journey of life when you had faith in yourself was priceless. If God had before in hand told you how your life would end. It would have been a misery, the very juice of our lives will run out and we will die a hundred times over before we face death. Certainly, that wouldn't be a permanent sweet sleep. So, the important thing is that the journey of life is the key achievement.

The second kind. People of this kind are often the people who turn out to achieve what others think is impossible. Come on! We have all seen in our society that someone who doesn't really expects is rewarded most of the times.That is like THE rule of a standing out  (outstanding.. lol :P) person. But..here is the intriguing part.Would you belong to the second category if you pretend to be among the second? I have been in a few situations where you deliberately put yourself in a bad situation knowing that it isn't that bad actually.BUT you hope this relatively bad situation turns out to be a good situation because you are pretending to be the second kind of guy. I'm sure every human has tried this theory at some point of time.

If you look at it closely, it gets really funny. What we are actually trying to do here is that we  are relying on the nature's partiality towards the "Type 2" guy. By convincing others about our so-called bad situation. We hope that the nature is actually listening to us and mistakes us for being the second kind of guy and in the process rewards us.

This is interesting,isn't it? We are ACTUALLY trying to fool nature and its set of rules.Even though my thoughts aren't confined to this topic.I will leave you there to explore more on it. I will show you where this leads us to.

Now that we have thought of executing this mastermind plan against nature.Let us see what is exactly responsible for this plot. There is only one organ in out body that can perform such a task. The Brain. Could it be that the brain assumes a few set of laws of nature? Or is it that you have seen this phenomenon so often that you try to implement it yourself? What I believe is that, our brain derives a set of rules based on a few observations and does not account for the possibilities of its failure. Its more of a statistical machine, don't you think? The more data it is given, the more patterns it derives. Had a baby not been on earth and had he been on a Space Station for around 17 years. Do you think his brain will be able to process the physics of "Push,pull,friction..etc" on earth would be understood by him? For all we know, his brain would have taken so many cases into account that he would assume that a block when pushed on ground continues to go forward without any further effort. A calculation disaster. That proves that the brain relies on a statistical input and THIS could be the reason why we do certain stuff like "Fooling Nature".

Interesting... from colleges to brains in 10 paragraphs.A chain of thoughts indeed!