Ramayana (also pronounced as Ramyana) is derived from the Latin word "The search for truth",even though a few hypocrites feel that it has been derived from a common language in India called Sanskrit.It is important to note here that it is a hopeless language.


Ramayana is a tale of how "Grama" (also pronounced as Raama (especially in English)) is said to have happened way before we ever existed,long before the existence of paper,metallurgy.Yet they are always depicted with all those advancements in movies.Although there wasn't any proof that the writer was drunk, it has been established that a mummy in Egypt unearthed by "Zahi Hawas" which led to a ground breaking (literally) lead in his identification.It is believed that the letters "£

If it had been wine.Then it would been an entirely different life that the world would have seen.

[caption id="attachment_310" align="aligncenter" width="450"] A file photo that dates back to 100 AD way before photography even existed. Here the the closest possible resembles of "Grama" and "Cheetah" are shown in the picture.[/caption]

The Epic

The story revolves around a "Ghrama ray" trying to find its way to its love,a very beautiful creature called "Cheetah". Cheetah was abducted in the year 2012 BC by none other than "Ra.One".Ra.One was a very viscous character in the tale of Ramayana.As he plays the role of a poacher who tries to abduct a cheetah and use it for his pleasures. Legend says that his spirit still roams this planet in search for the right cheetahs.Some people believe that he took a reincarnation in the last in the form of an actor in a movie. Though Ra.One flopped, he tried to regain his popularity by making a few technological advancements in 2012 AD.It is believed that he is 10 headed, which has been confirmed quite recently after 10 people got a headache at the same time after watching it at INOX.

Dr.Al-Qual-Rafuya-Tauebhauua-Whyn-Will-Thys-End had only one logical assertion that, this could be only possible if SRK was on screen or if he was 10 headed.Under heavy scrutiny of these questions, it was found that the former is inevitably the only reason.

After ghama ray finds his way to Ra.One den ,he finds a cheetah but unfortunately he could recognize it at more.Ghama couldn't accept his growing sight impairment and eye blindness and cursed the land of cheetahs in desperation (This always happens in Hindu Mythology,so you don't have to sob about it.) .It is therefore believed, cheetahs are given random stripes so as to face the wrath of Ghama.So that no two lions can be differentiated by a mere glance at them.

Legend says that Ghama's cheetah still roams in our forests but it could have been killed by the increasing growth of Malaria.


1. People look up at this story to find a way in their lives.Even though earth has only 40% of tree cover and forests,there is something called "GPS",hence a reason to get lost.

2.It has still not been established whether or not Vetti-miki was a drunkard.