It has been hardly 3 days since my parents promised me that they won’t be pesturing me to study and like i had exactly told them that,it happened again.This is not the first time they promised and shattered it into pieces,if my calculations are right it would be certainly close to 50.

So,i normally don’t talk these lectures into account so seriously because i’m quite aware that i’ll have a “deja vu” soon.Like always the talk was on me,not taking any interest in “studies” and preparing for competitive exams.Well,that exactly isn’t true because i like learning and not studying for competitive exams.

I prefer learning math and enjoying simultaneous instead of forcefully drilling myself into doing so.On an average i spend about 6 hours a day out of my interest,but they insist on 12 hours or so… things are quite different from what they think they are because its more of the enjoying part of learning and less of the drilling part of studying which will ultimately be noted.

I do agree that i have to get into a good college but losing my interest by doing so is as much as waste of time as drilling is.

I’m currently..okay,not exactly preparing but learning which also helps in an exam called “Chennai Mathematical Institute” and this is also because i want to improve on math,because i know I’m quite weak at logical thinking and problem solving but its worth the try.

My dad was discouraging me all night saying that i don’t have a chance getting into it,(as usual.. discouraging) but i prefer learning which helps me progress even more than regressing just for some competitive exam.I’m saying this as the human brain grows only to a certain age and its my peak time to exploit that.

I wouldn’t mind dropping out for 1 year and learning more than preparing at this point of time.I did think of a plant to prepare for these competitive exams but i just can’t follow it because i’m currently obsessed with math at the moment :p

I’m being asked to prepare for BITSAT which i feel is easy but they keep telling me that,”If its easy for you,its easy for all”.The problem is that they don’t realize my intelligence (I’m not saying i’m extremely good) because they just look at marks and marks are probably the first thing at which i suck.

Sometimes,they do think i’m special but i guess they just have short term memory loss or something because that’s clearly evident from the lectures..