Beautiful and Amazing Piano

Beautiful and Amazing Piano

Finally tasted a Grand Piano!

Today is probably the best day for me!I have been to sulakshan’s house and i was waiting nearly 6 months to play on his grand piano but circumstances have always kept us apart from each other.School and exams probably the biggest reasons!

There is only one this that can be told about it!…AMAZING and BEAUITIFUL!

I have a keyboard but it’s no where close to it! … Ever! The first note which i played on his piano along with the pedal was just tooo beautiful for anything in the world!the sound of the strings and the meoldy of them resonating in hyperspace was “Living a Dream” sensation which can only be brought about music.

If you have not heard it then i don’t think you can ever understand it.If you did I’m quite sure you’ll be amazed even more by it!

I could go on and on and on but the fresh melodies and the hammers hitting the string is one of the purest sounds which can never be compared to the modern age songs.

It was a dream of mine to play on a grand piano,after i heard a few songs on it! I just couldn’t resist the temptation  !But i guess my temptation to play still remains :p

While my friends where busy playing i didn’t really mind playing it for like ever as long as i could! And a friend (Sambit) who relished the melody as much as i did and probably I’m now an inspiration for him to play music! I’m proud about that!

Let’s see when I’ll get to play it again! Hoping sometime again in these holidays ;D