This is a beautiful poem by a friend of mine, M.S.Sri Hari

The Worlds

I walk not in one world , but in many
Which is true and which is phony?
Where is one’s end and the other’s inception?
Does the boundary exist, Or is it just an illusion?
I know not…or…Do I?

Sometimes one world seems true, another time another
Are everyone of them true or none are?
Should I ponder, Or should I not bother
On the existence of the worlds, Or does it even matter?
I know not…or…Do I?

Do I travel between the worlds or the words around me?
Do I go to the worlds, Or do they beckon to me?
Am I the same ,Or do I change with the world?
Or does the change in me change the world??
I know not…or…Do I?

Sometimes I yearn to be in one world, but have to be elsewhere
Do I end up where I want or have to, Or am I restrained to be somewhere?
I spend more time in one world and less time in another
Is it good or is it bad, Or does matter if loose many games and win a few?
I know not…or…Do I?

As I write this I began to wonder, does this make me insane or more sane?
Or am I as sane to others, as others to me the same?
Do only I have my worlds or others too, and do our worlds overlap?
As my mind begins to wander further, I say ” Ah crap”
” I know not”…or…Do I?

Please leave your comments about what you think the world is.