India is probably the only place i know people where people “STUDY” day and night and slog all their young hours for getting through in competitive exams.There is competition everywhere, from music,sports,painting and the worst part of it is that people don’t just see   how competition is eating up all their lives.

My Dad is probably the most competitive out of all the people i know, he keeps telling me that,”How will people judge you if you don’t get marks,how will you show your knowledge.” and much more.Probably,that’s the same thing that almost all of the Dad’s of India would be doing at this point of time.And the petty students who can barely think anything apart from drilling their minds, find it quite encouraging and motivating to realize their dream of getting into the so-called best universities of India and the world.The problem here is that,students do not even find anything that they are doing interesting and they completely loose themselves without even any interest in the subject.I was recently reading an article on an “IITJEE Topper”, he said that he was always working hard towards his goal and was  always with books,even after he cracked the exam he was preparing for other competitve exams and IPhO.

Now, how stupid do you think that is? A person who hardy has any interest in the subject,he takes up Computer Science Engineering,after going to “International Physics Olympiad” (WTF? Do you even like Physics?) and not to forgot who has been studying that subject for nearly 4 years! does not even choose “Physics” as his main subject.

This is certainly a clear indication that people of my age are looking for so much fame and status at such and young age and achieve stuff which they are not even interested.

The fact that bothers me the most is that its just PURE and ONLY hardword that drives them and not Obssession towards the subject which is just another synonym of hardwork for the uninterest freaks.

If any student of my age and like a few friends of mine,barely tend to stay free and this is not because they don’t want to but its because they are just too conscious of his other competitive friends would be doing, who might eventually get better “MARKS” in some dumb fucking exam.

ALL OF THIS JUST PISSES MY ASS OFF! I seriously would’t care about all this shit but the problem is that I’m forced to face all of this shit because of my competitive parents and  not to forget “Competitive Teachers” as well!

Infact,It’s not just India put the whole world is getting so competitive that people hardly ever enjoy what they are doing!

The best way out of all this mess is.

Do what you love to do and just try to make some money from it.Don’t care about others,follow your own path because it might be brighter and more fun that the used ones.