Wohooo!!! CMI... Here I come!

So. Finally. After a year of math. I finally get a relief of satisfcation! I have attached my Call letter and Admissions details!! 😀  Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!

Call Letter:

Admission Details:

7 thoughts on “Wohooo!!! CMI... Here I come!

      • Can I get your mail id , this year i not qualify for cmi , i solved most of subjective part, but to qualify for subjective part one has to qualify the objective which i do not solve well enough i am giving it next time ? I have start preparing , but I am very weak in combinatorics ,can you suggest something about it

  1. Hi!! I have been selected in cmi.. i really love both maths and physics.. should i opt for bsc math and bsc physics in cmi... please reply fast... why physics is not recommended in cmi ? Is probablity of success low with math and physics over maths and conputer ??

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